“Arhuaco” Dictionary

“Arhuaco” Dictionary

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The Arhuacos are one of the four indigenous ancestral communities that inhabit the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia, along with the Kogis, Kankuamos and Wiwas, all descendants of the Tayrona, former inhabitants of this sacred mountain.

Just 20 minutes from La Jorará (by walking) inhabits we will find an Arhuaco family with which we develop an authentic experience of nature and culture: The Arhuacos shoulder bags (mochilas) workshop, which is one of the most representative crafts in the country and with great recognition around the world.

We invite our guests and visitors to live this authentic and exclusive experience of Finca La Joará and Unique Colombia, a responsible tour operator tour agency. It will be an enriching activity where you will learn about an ancient tradition that has allowed the indigenous cultures of the Sierra Nevada to express their artistic and cultural values. On the “mochilas” workshop  you can reveal a magical indigenous tradition that will surely teach you the importance of nature in our lives, as well as values ​​such as respect, patience, creativity and traditions.

Thinking about how to establish a better connection between our travelers and this community, we have put available a brief Arhuaco dictionary with some key words and phrases that will help break the ice, start a conversation and keep a smile with an indigenous Arhuaco:


Azizare bunsichano
Buenos días ¿cómo amanecen?
Good morning ¿how are you?
Guten Morgen, wie wachst du auf?
Bonjour, comment allez vous ?

Hola todos!
Hello all!
Hallo allerseits!
Bonjour à tous

Thank you

Con gusto o de nada
You are welcome
Bitte sehr / Gern geschehen
Avec plaisir


Mother (mom)
Die Mutter

Mivichwun Nakubin
Vine a visitarlos
I came to visit you
Ich bin gekommen, um sie zu besuchen
Je suis venu leur rendre visite

Inuki mi wi kunaka awin
Les traje unas cositas
Brought you some things
Ich habe dir ein paar Kleinigkeiten mitgebracht
Je vous ai apporté quelques choses

Nun Iván
Me llamo Iván
My name is Ivàn
Ich heiße Ivàn
Je m’appelle Ivàn

Tutu isun
Tejer mochila
Weave bag
Haken stricken
Sac tricoté

Eygwi anachukwa
Hasta luego
See you later
Bis später
À plus tard



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