Our Restaurant

Our table stands out for its organic food produced in La Jorará’s gardens, with emphasis on a varied menu of salads, seafood, international food, tropical fruits and vegetables.

The food of the region is very important in our dining room, with which we promote and encourage the production and economy of our local communities.

EcoHotel Finca La Jorará offers three meals plans:

• B&B: Breakfast (included with accommodation)
• Half board: Breakfast and dinner (or lunch) – Price: $45.000 per person per day
• Full board: Breakfast+lunch+dinner – Price: $90.000 per person per day

We can also offer a menu which you can find out below.

The service at all options includes fresh fruit grown organically in La Jorará. The variety of fruits, depends on the season of our harvest.

If you have any preferences or dietary restrictions, please let us know and we will be happy to meet and satisfy your desires.

Our Menu


Typical cuisine made with ingredients from our garden