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Eco Hotel Finca La Jorará

The best place to discover la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Eco-Hotel Finca La Jorará offers exclusive accommodation, nature, adventure, culture, wellness, entertainment, local cuisine, sun, beach and comfort at the majestic Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta between Tayrona Park and Palomino just one hour from Santa Marta.

Eco Hotel Finca La Jorará aims to preserve and restore the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, especially its landscapes, forests and variety of wild fauna and flora.

We stand out for the cultivation of our own organic foods, with which we want to contribute to the health and well-being of our visitors. It is a place to live in harmony with nature, rest, eat well and recreate with birds, turtles, monkeys, among many others.

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We are a team committed to the quality of service and maximum satisfaction of our guests.

From the Finca La Joará eco hotel our guests and visitors can live authentic nature and adventure experiences in incredible destinations such as Tayrona Park, Don Diego and Palomino River, Lost City, Los Flamencos Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, Punta Gallinas, Minca and many more. From La Joará you can know the indigenous communities (Kogui and Arhuaco) that inhabit the Sierra Nevada and take care of this sacred land.

Our services:
• 14 comfortable rooms with private bathroom surrounded by stunning nature
• Gourmet restaurant specialized in local caribbean, vegetarian and international food
• Private and shared transport
• Tours and activities
• Professional guides and specialized translators
• Visit to indigenous communities
• Marriages on the beach
• Romantic experiences (honeymoon, proposals, anniversaries …)
• Agro experiences
• Food Tours
• Bird watching
• Horseback riding
• Mountain bike / bike tours


Peace village
Responsible Tourism
I Plant

¿What do we do for a responsible tourism?

At Finca La Jorara we work with local people, promote healthy and organic food from the region, where gastronomic traditions are promoted, positive values of the communities are highlighted and the benefits of tourism contribute to the development of the society.

La Jorarà, is a self-sustainable farm with a variety of organic crops of fruits and vegetables. Our purpose is to be an example for the native and local people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, on how to find sustenance and provide them and our visitors with food and life experiences for the welfare and prosperity of everyone.

At La Jorará we plant, we grow, we learn, we educate, we dream, we create, and we inspire. Join the cause. In execution there is the I PLANT project that consists in planting a tree at the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta for each reservation at Finca La Jorará. Hundreds of Maguey, Caracoli, Teca and Rubber trees have been planted. We also continue to plant a variety of fruit trees such as avocado, mamonsillo, soursop, papaya, tangerine, orange, lemon, guava, zapote, mamey, mispero, among others.

Also, The ALUNA Project seeks to compensate through tourism the preservation of the Kogi – Arhuaca Indigenous culture through specific welfare programs and the promotion of food planting that seek to highlight natural values. We continue doing this in each travel experience that relates to the cultural interaction with indigenous communities.

The EDUCATION FOR RESPONSIBLE TOURISM Program has been carried out, in which we teach English focused on responsible tourism to children, youth and adults interested in the environment, tourism and languages, in the region of Perico Aguado, Marketalia, Palomino and Don Diego . Likewise, we have involved our collaborators, tour guides and other interested actors.

The mythical and magical Jorará invites you to enjoy a holiday impregnated with nature, ancestral culture, sacred sites and archaeological relics. Do not miss it, get away from traditional tourism and explore new and authentic experiences. We will welcome you with open arms.